These Amazing Selfies Ruined By Photobombers

Viral By Elena Boaghi |

Everybody loves taking a selfie!

Sometimes we find ourselves in the perfect shot for a selfie, we smile, we aim the camera and as we take the picture some idiot goes and photobombs the picture.

It is guaranteed to happen at least once in your lifetime. Always check behind you before you take a selfie!

Here are 7 perfect photobomb photos

1. The Perfect Camera Shot at a Baseball Game

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Smiling confidently for the camera looking perfect and not knowing your 2 seconds away from being smacked in the head by a baseball. Still a perfect photobomb!

2. Cleavage and Builders Crack

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Sitting at the bar, smiling sweetly for the camera and some sweaty crack invades your picture.

3. Creep behind you in the store

amazing hot selfies

Doing some shopping after a day a at work and you decide to take a quick selfie on your phone. Then some supermarket troll destroys your upbeat good natured selfie, photobombing your innocent picture.

4. Dog Photobombing your Sexy shoot

hot viral news selfies

You pose seductively for the cameraman and the dog strolls up to the camera and looks in the lens and the cameraman snaps the picture. Your have been photobombed.

January Jones

January looks good in hair curlers, but would you have recognized the hot ‘Madman’ actor if we didn’t tell you who she was?

6. The Creep behind you in the bedroom

hot viral news selfie's

You’re taking pictures in your bedroom and some random family member walks in and invades your privacy.

7. The Mischievous Boy

She was enjoying herself at a family event and thought she would smile nice and sweetly for the camera. She didnt see the little kid lurking in the background ready to destroy the photo.

8. While On Holiday

This StingRay has the perfect way to photobomb three girls as they pose for the camera. You can see the shock on their faces as they were not expecting it.
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