You Will Be Amazed When You See This Girl After She Lost 145 Pounds!

Viral By Elena Boaghi |


The human body is an incredible and beautiful machine.


Emma Pope is a 23-year-old girl who decided to change her lifestyle and her habits after getting bullied a lot made her feel miserable.



Pope weighed around 315 pounds. Men taunted her, and she was even jeered at a volleyball game. She knew she needed to change, for her own physical and mental health.




She started with some simple changes. she exercised 4 times weekly and reduced her portion sizes.




She stopped eating junk food all the time too, including pasta and pizza.




Now, she’s bragging her unbelievable transformation after months of hard work. Before she knew it, she had lost 145 pounds!




Today, she looks completely unrecognizable, and she is a lot happier. She said that now she has got the chance to refuse the men who mocked her before for her weight!




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