Avatar’s Heinous Papyrus Logo Haunts Ryan Gosling On SNL

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

Avatar came out nearly eight years ago, but for Saturday Night Live, it feels like it was just yesterday. In a digital short from the show’s Season 43 premiere, Ryan Gosling plays a man who is still kept up at night by the $237 million movie’s cheesy logo–lazily rendered in the infamous font Papyrus.

Long after the Special Edition 3D Blu-ray started gathering dust on the shelf, the movie’s logo–the word “Avatar” simply typed in the Papyrus typeface–lives on, mocking an entire generation of graphic designers and people with taste. In SNL’s short, Gosling is haunted by the legacy of the unnamed designer who brazenly spent roughly two minutes branding Avatar–a film that would both set new box office records and literally change the way movies were made forever. (Even if it was just the Smurfs in space when you deconstructed its themes.)

Indeed, it’s like my entire soul was manifested into one cathartic sketch. I never thought I would utter these words about an actor blessed with a gaze that evokes cold gunmetal and fluffy golden retriever puppies at the same time, but Ryan Gosling, you are all of us.MW

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