Janet Jackson Gets Frisky In Eartha Kitt Inspired Catwoman Costume [Photo]

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Janet Jackson may be rocking out shows all over the globe on her ‘State of the World Tour,’ but that doesn’t mean the icon doesn’t have time to have a little fun and dress up for Halloween.

The music royal donned a Eartha Kitt inspired Catwoman costume for Halloween, and the snap was shared by friend/creative director, Gil Duldulao. The stunning snap comes just a day after Jan met up with Teyana Taylor to give her the moment of a lifetime as we showed you HERE. Get into the hot snap of JJ in her costume below.

Happy Halloween. Boss! Makeup: @prestonmakeup Hair: @cassidyblaine90046hair Fit: @robertbehar ……….. #janfam wanted a pic. 👊🏾 #janetjackson #stateoftheworldtour #halloween

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