This Game Dares You To Embarrass Yourself Completely On Social Media

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

We all curate our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts, hoping we’ll look way cooler than we really are. But a new game from BuzzFeed forces you to throw away all your online social graces. What could be worse than posting on Facebook, “can someone send me a pic of your feet, need them for a catfish I’m working on?” Or messaging your boss, “would it be weird if I asked out your ex?” Or texting your mother a suggestive eggplant emoji?

The game is appropriately called Social Sabotage, and it’s a bit like Cards Against Humanity–except it’s all broadcast to your social network. The game was developed by BuzzFeed Product Labs, which uses the media company’s social media savvy to develop products. Since launching in fall of 2016, the lab has created cookbooks and gadgets based on BuzzFeed‘s successful video series Tasty, custom BuzzFeed wine, and a Post-it mural maker.

[Photo: courtesy BuzzFeed]

Social Sabotage is relatively simple in format; there are types of cards: “What” cards, which have descriptions of what you’re supposed to send, whether that’s text, image, or video–things like, “Wanna be my +1 for the cuddle party??,” “I love the smell of my own farts!,” and “a photo you’d hate someone you have a crush on to see.” These get paired with “where” cards, which describe where you’re supposed to send it: “Post on a family member’s Facebook profile,” “post on Instagram, or “send an ex.”

When the “sender” chooses a “where” card from the deck, every other player gives them a “what” card from their hand that describes what they’d love to see them do. The “sender” then has to pick one of the “what” card dares and post it wherever their “where” card says. Whoever does the most challenges wins the game–at the loss of their dignity, in all likelihood.

[Photo: courtesy BuzzFeed]

It’s clearly not for the faint of heart. Perhaps you don’t want one night’s IRL shenanigans to muck up your perfectly curated Instagram feed. After all, isn’t that what Snapchat’s for?

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