This Is The World’s Coolest Marble Run

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

[Photo: courtesy Snarkitecture]

Installed at the Gana Art Center, in Seoul, Loop is as much a visual experience as it is an aural one. Every five seconds, visitors are invited to release glass marbles onto one of the four intertwined tracks. As the marbles roll through the metal run, they create a steady hum before they wind up in an adjacent room where they fall into an ever-growing pile.

“Our intention was to create a contemplative environment with Loop–a space that was not immediately understood upon entering,” Snarkitecture co-founder Daniel Arsham said in a release. “While we wanted the design to be playful, we were mindful of creating a work that provided an escape. It was important to offer a setting and feeling that were completely new and inspiring to visitors.”

[Photo: courtesy Snarkitecture]

COS–which is deeply influenced by art, design, and architecture–frequently commissions designers to create installations as a way to communicate what its creative sensibilities, but they rarely feel like #BrandedExperiences. Earlier this year, it worked with Studio Swine on a multi-sensory piece that blew scented mist bubbles and last year it commissioned Sou Fujimoto to make an abstract forest using sensor-triggered spotlights. The point is to stop you in your tracks and show you something you probably haven’t before. Loop is no different in intention, but also completely unique in expression. By remixing a favorite kids toy into a kinetic artwork, Snarkitecture is evoking the latent childlike wonder inside all of us.DB

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