There’s Already An App To Fix The iPhone X’s Notch

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

If you haven’t heard, the iPhone X has a notch. It might be useful–it contains a camera that can scan your face to unlock the device–but it’s also quite unsightly.

If you’re a proud owner of an iPhone X but can’t get over the notch, you’re in luck: One developer has already launched an app that eliminates the jarring black protrusion from your lock screen and your home screen.

[Image: Cromulent Labs]

Notcho–tagline, “say no to the notch”–fixes what some see as a major design flaw by creating a black bar around upper edge of the iPhone X’s screen, obscuring the notch’s edges. The app is pure UI trolling, a thumb in the eye in app form. Despite the fact that it can’t do anything about the notch’s projection into any other app you use, more than 8,000 people have downloaded it already. Its developer Greg Gardner is grateful that Apple accepted Notcho into the App Store in the first place, though he agrees it’s probably not going to feature it.

[Image: Cromulent Labs]

Despite developing the app, he doesn’t think the notch is really half bad. “The iconic look of the iPhone is not longer there–this is the new one,” Gardner says. “People can see it across a room and say oh, that’s the iPhone X.” You can troll Apple–or perhaps your favorite iPhone X user–by downloading the app here.KS

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