20 Gift Ideas For People Who Refuse To Shop On Amazon

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

Jeff Bezos is surely basking in the afterglow of learning he’s worth $100 billion after this Black Friday’s shopping bonanza. You might be thinking, “He’s already got enough money–does he really need more of mine?”

The answer is no, no he does not. Cities are bending over backwards to entice him with tax breaks for Amazon’s HQ2. He destroyed the brick-and-mortar bookstore business only to bring it back in his own image. He’s coming after furniture next. So, this holiday season, why not take a leap and liberate yourself from Bezos’s stranglehold on retail by buying presents for your loved ones that you won’t find on Amazon?

Above are 20 suggestions–which are still available online for all you lazy, click-happy shoppers–for holiday gifts from non-Amazon sources. And if you’re still simply must Amazon, head to Co.Design’s complete 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.DB

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