This Gorgeous Jewelry Is Made From Gold Found In Old Computers

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

“Jewelry made out of old computers” likely brings to mind images of bizarre retro earrings composed of transistors. But Dell–yes, Dell–is releasing a delicate collection of rings and earrings, and a lone pair of cufflinks for the gentlemen, that would look more at home in a Tiffany catalog than a garage.

Demonstrating how versatile the metals harvested from old computers and electronics can be, the line is made from gold recycled from motherboards paired with ethically sourced opals. Designed by jewelry maker Nikki Reed (aka Bayou with Love), the pieces in the so-called Circular Collection are simple and classic. The jewelry was manufactured using a reclamation process that has a 99% smaller environmental impact than traditionally mined gold.

[Photo: Dell]

Dell announced the collection at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, making it probably the most low-tech tech gimmick in Vegas this week. But it comes with some concrete good news. Dell, it claims, is recognizing that constantly pumping out new models of computers is terrible for the environment. The company isn’t just recycling old computers into jewelry–it’s also using reclaimed materials from e-waste in new motherboards as well.

Buying the recycled gold jewelry will set you back–the pieces range from $78 to $348. All earrings, rings, and cufflinks are available for purchase here.KS

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