Step Inside A Building Made Of Mist

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

Few of us have ever classified an air conditioner as fine art, but a new installation outside the Taipei Fine Art Museum may change your outlook on the creative merits of good HVAC.

Called Mist Encounter, the interactive sculpture is the serene embodiment of refreshment. Constructed with a simple wireframe of scaffolding, it exudes a cool mist from its core, which will waft in the direction of the wind. It’s architecture as environment, with its own vapor walls being ever reshaped by the whims of mother nature.  Meanwhile, a series of tapestries hang from above like swings, inviting visitors to sway while cooling off in what the museum has dubbed “a microclimate art event.”

In fact, the work, featured on Designboom, was developed by Serendipity Studio and KWA Architects to be just that.

While the museum is under air conditioning renovations through June 2018–apparently its aging HVAC system is so inefficient that it addresses the topic on a governmental FAQ—Mist Encounter sits right outside the front doors, and serves as a brief apology, or perhaps a primer, to the stuffiness within. It’s like a PSA repurposed as 4,600 square feet of functional art. And given that the average summer day is 85 degrees in Taipei, it’s surely a welcome one at that.MW

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