Siri Would Have Been Fabulous On Your Old 1980s Mac

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

We all realize that Apple’s Siri is a faceless voice. Even her app icon is just a psychedelic waveform.  But what might Siri have looked like, were she to debut on a Mac–and then get ported to PC–circa 1987? The retro humor brand Squirrel Monkey gives us a taste of this sweet faux-history.

This utterly silly video is full of perfect little touches of UI–and copious shots at old PC tropes. Siri’s ruddy skin tone looks straight out of a Leisure Suit Larry game, while her voice sounds like Dr. Sbaitso if he smoked a carton of Kools a day. Simply . . . loading . . . loading . . . loading . . . perfection.MW

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