Cathy Hughes Issues Official Statement on ‘The Fam In The Morning’ Radio Fiasco, Updates on Status of The Show

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Cathy Hughes Issues Official Statement on ‘The Fam In The Morning’ Radio Fiasco, Updates on Status of The Show

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Following the events that took place on D.C.’s WKYS this week with ‘The Fam In The Morning‘ show hosts, Danni Starr, DJ Quicksilva, and DJ 5’9, Radio One’s Cathy Hughes has released an official statement on the matter.

The statement comes a day after Quicksilva and 5’9 were reportedly suspended, and Friday’s episode of the show was hosted by Danni who returned to her seat, alongside several other female DJ’s/Hosts from the station. Ms. Hughes herself also called into the show on Friday, but now she has released an official statement on the matter and updated on the status of the show.

Yesterday I co-hosted The Fam on WKYS 93.9 FM in Washington D.C. with the female talent of this station as an act of solidarity to support the show’s co-host Danni Starr who was placed in an embarrassing situation on live radio Thursday – International Women’s Day. The aftermath of this emotionally charged interaction became national news and has played out on social media for the past 48 hours.

After a full investigation, I’ve learned this incident was a radio prank ‘gone bad.’ None of our talent were adequately informed or prepped to have effectively executed this prank on Danni Starr. We have taken the necessary steps to resolve this matter. I agreed with Danni Starr’s expressed public sentiments that QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 are good guys who would never deliberately harm her or intentionally cause her embarrassment.

I stand firmly behind The Fam and will be providing the team a time of healing and refocus so they can continue to entertain, inspire and inform our listeners in the morning. To that end, next week’s show will be hosted by KYS DC’s afternoon drive personality Angie Ange and Baltimore Q92’s Konan, who himself is DC homegrown.

Once again, I apologize to our listeners who had to experience this most unfortunate incident. I appreciate your continued support of WKYS, but more importantly our talent, Danni Starr, QuickSilva and DJ 5’9. I’m prayerful we all will emerge a stronger family.

Quicksilva also took to Instagram following the statement release just minutes ago.

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