Ikea’s First Bluetooth Speaker Fits Perfectly Inside Your Ikea Furnitu

Entertainment By Elena Boaghi |

We have no idea how the thing sounds, but looks have got to count for something. Ikea released a new speaker called the Eneby. And for $50, it’s about as inexpensive as Bluetooth speakers–or odes to minimalism–can get.

[Photo: Ikea]

The Eneby is essentially just an 8″x8″ square finished with grey or black fabric, along with an aluminum handle and a single knob that controls volume, treble, and base. You can plug it into the wall, or, for $20, you can add a battery. $10 buys you a speaker stand, too. Ikea clearly kept the price low by breaking out the accessories, which truth be told, isn’t the worst way to sell a budget electronic. For the big spenders, a 12″x12″ version is available for $90.

Perhaps the best touch, however, is that the Eneby is designed around the proportions of Ikea furniture. The speaker fits inside Ikea’s Kallax and Eket storage systems, and while that tidbit might sound trivial, so-called “bookshelf” speakers come in every shape and size. To simply walk into Ikea, and be able to buy both the bookshelf and the electronics that fit inside of it, is promising. Now if only Ikea made TVs, PCs, laptops, phones refrigerators, stoves, and electric toothbrushes, we’d really have something.MW

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